Past Members

Post Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Sonia Repetto

Sonia worked on the development of novel Fuel Dehydrating Icing Inhibitors which offer a dual action solution for the problem of water contamination in aircraft fuel systems. Her work is now being scaled up with Airbus Group and Innospec.

Dr. Rhodri W. Jenkins

Rhodri joined the Chuck group in 2011, as part of the inaugural pair of PhD students. Though stayed on to complete a 1 year PDRA converting renewable resources to fuels and chemicals

Dr. Daniel Lou-Hing

Explored the possibility of co-culturing microalgae and yeast and how this effected the  lipid content and FAME profile produced from the cultures

Dr. Chien Dinh Le

 Investigated the remediation and valorisation of Vietnamese industrial waste streams via algal growth

Dr. Khalil Mahfouz

Studied the possible production of low cost biodiesel from depolymerized lignocellulose using oleaginous yeasts.


Dr. Rhodri W. Jenkins (PhD) – Renewable liquid transport fuels from
microbes and waste resources

Dr. Lisa Sargeant (PhD) – The development of industrially suitable lipids from Rhodotorula species as a feedstock for fuels and commodity products.

Dr. Fraeya Whiffin (PhD) – A palm oil substitute and care product emulsions from a yeast cultured on waste products. 

Dr. Heather Parker (PhD) – Catalytic depolymerisation of lignin

Dr. Jon Wagner (PhD) – Sustainable Biofuel Production via the Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae and Subsequent Bio-Oil Upgrading

Dr. Tanakorn Chantasuban (PhD) – Assessing the wine yeast Metschnikowia pulcherrima for the production of 2-phenylethanol

Junjun Cai  (MPhil) – Zeolite synthesis for the upgrading of bio-oils produced by hydrothermal liquefaction

Sonia Raikova (MRes) – Assessing the HTL of algal communities used in the remediation of acid mine drainage

Tristan Smith (MRes) – Examining the ability of the promising oleaginous yeast, M. pulcherrima, to maintain sterility under industrially relevant conditions in an open-air steel fermenter

Caroline Jones (MRes) – Production of a novel 3rd generation biofuel from yeasts grown on waste resources

Jonathan Wagner (MRes) – Conversion of microbial oils into fuel range products

Joe Donnelly (MRes) – Establishing the interactions between a host of 3rd generation biofuels and aviation kerosene

James Tyson (MRes) – Renewable personal care products from microalgae

Heather Parker (MRes) – Renewable additives for aviation and transport fuels from lignin

Adam Pockett (MRes) – Life Cycle Assessment of third generation biofuels


2016 (5)

Ainhoa Zamorano – Production of a palm oil substitute from culturing a specialist yeast on various waste streams

Nurul Noorhayeen – Developing a Jet fuel from fermentation alcohols

Sam Miselbach – Fuels from Seaweed

Adeel Ibrahim – Oxidative stability of biofuel blends

Jake Matless – Production of a palm oil substitute from culturing a specialist yeast on coffee waste

2015 (7)

Jake Matless – Continuous processing of M. pulcherrima

Rishi Patel – Deicing Properties of Prospective Jet Fuel Additives

Tim Johnson – Biocidal Properties of Prospective Jet Fuel Additives

Oliver Barlow – Wastewater Remediation using Algal Feedstocks

Emily Lewis – Assessment of Biodiesel from Vietnamese Coffee Lipids

Emrys Ellis – Investigation into Further Products from Coffee Lipids

Mike Paterson – Investigating Waste and Defatted Coffee Grounds as a Biofuel Feedstock

2014 (7)

Julio Rodrigues De Brito Neto – Using the aqueous waste from hydrothermal liquefaction to culture microalgae

Richard Horton – Production of renewable fuels from the one step conversion of ABE fermentation mixtures

Matthew Mardell – Bioprospecting for a suitable yeast to produce fuels from waste lignocellulose

Sudan Gurung – Tailoring the chemical pretreatment of waste lignocellulose for the production of oil from M. pulcherrima

Joshua Spellman – Design and construction of a rig to test the oxidative stability of jet fuel

Max Birdsall-Wilson – Designing an undergraduate practical – biodiesel from waste coffee grounds

Sophie Bendall – Designing an undergraduate practical – biodiesel from waste coffee grounds

2013 (6)

Rebecca Dean – Optimisation of the simultaneous extraction and transesterification of lipid from R. glutinis using a microwave reactor

Kudakwashe Mvenge – Assessing the kinetics of the simultaneous extraction and transesterification of lipid from R. glutinis using a microwave reactor

Christopher Fortune – Comparing spent Colombian coffee grounds sourced from different regions of the country for the production of biodiesel

Natasha Stageman – Comparing spent coffee grounds sourced from around the world for the production of biodiesel

Brian Menya – Assessment and design of a low cost bioreactor to produce extremophile oleaginous yeast economically

Joe Ronayne – Depolymerisation of wheat straw and assessment of the practicality of using this liquor as a renewable feedstock to cultivate oleaginous yeasts

2012 (4)

Edward Jones – The co-culturing of Y. lipolytica and C. emersonii for biofuel production

Brywonedren Godon – Inorganic carbon capture coupled to biofuel production using marine microbes

Martin Munro – Continuous membrane reactor for the simultaneous production of a bio-jet fuel and winter use biodiesel

Saarthak Saini – The co-culturing of R. glutinis and C. emersonii for biofuel production