Based in a UNESCO World Heritage centre, working at the University of Bath enables you the chance to live in a beautiful historical city.  Situated in the South-West of England and only 97 miles (156 km) from London getting here is easy. When you arrive you will be greeted by Georgian architecture, natural hot springs and more bars and restaurants than you could wish for.

The University of Bath has been voted the Sunday Times University of the Year, and is consistently ranked in the top ten UK Universities. The U
niversity of Bath offers all the benefits of a top-class insiitution. Coupled to this, we have some of the best sporting facilities in the UK at the £30 million Sports Training Village.

If you are interested in joining the group or collaborating, please contact Dr. Christopher Chuck by e-mail. Applications for studentships offered through the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies will be available from October each year.

Available Positions:

12 Month PDRA position in the liquid phase pyrolysis of waste biomass. Suitable for a Chemist or Chemical Engineer with chemistry experience

Please call to discuss any new opportunities


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