Liquid transport fuels from microbial yeasts – Review

Several members of the group, together with Professor Rod Scott, wrote a review article for the Taylor & Francis journal Biofuels recently, which came out for publication just under two weeks ago – congratulations to everyone involved!


tbfu20.v005.i03.coverGlobal transportation is one of the major contributors to GHG emissions. It is essential, therefore, that renewable, carbon neutral fuels are developed to reduce the impact of this sector on the environment. Yeasts, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae, are key to transforming renewable bioresources to fuels that can be used with little adaption to the current transport infrastructure. Yeasts demonstrate a large diversity that produces a great metabolic plasticity; as such, yeasts are able to produce a range of fuel-like molecules including alcohols, lipids and hydrocarbons. In this article the current and potential fuels produced through fermentation, the latest advances in metabolic engineering and the production of lipids suitable for biodiesel production are all reviewed.

Chuck, C.J., Santomauro, F., Sargeant, L.A., Whiffin, F., Chantasuban T., Ghaffar, N.R.A., Wagner, J.L. & Scott, R.J., Liquid transport fuels from microbial yeasts – current and future perspectives, Biofuels, 2014, 5 (3), 293-311. (Link)

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