Green chemistry and green tights!

PhD student, Fraeya Whiffin, discusses the groups’ experience at a recent conference.

CSCT members at green chem conference

The University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (eleven delegates), and the Chuck Group in particular (seven delegates) was well represented at the 6th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry  at the University of Nottingham on 4th-6th August 2013.

Dr Chris Chuck gave a twenty minute talk summarising the group’s research into more sustainable biofuel production. Firstly, Chris described how our prior work on algae had led us to our exciting work with the yeast Metschnikowia pulcherrima that is capable of growing in low-cost non-sterile conditions. He then described some of our work on converting yeast oils by interesterification or cracking into compounds with useful fuel properties, specifically for aviation. For details of this and other work from the group, see the publications page.

Rhod and lisa at green chem conference

The other Chuck Group delegates presented posters. Jonathan Wagner and Joseph Donelly, who recently joined the group for their PhDs, presented the results of their MRes projects. Jonathan’s was on the conversion of sterol‐rich microbial oils into transportation fuels and Joe’s described the determination of the physical properties and the subsequent viability of a host of potential alternative aviation fuels.

This was the second international conference that Lisa Sargeant and Rhodri Jenkins had presented at. This time, Lisa described her work on turning “waste into wealth” by deriving renewable lipids from Rhodotorula glutinis cultured on waste resources. Rhodri showed his work on the development and testing of alternative fermentation fuels for aviation and road transport.

Robin hood and his merry menHeather Parker and Fraeya Whiffin presented some results from the early stages of their PhDs on novel catalysts for the controlled depolymerisation of lignin and on developing a palm oil substitute from yeast cultivated on waste resources, respectively.

As Nottingham is the fabled home of Robin Hood, our hosts laid on a tour of the city including its caves and old pubs led by Robin Hood himself.

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