New year, New members!

It’s been another busy year in the Chuck Group, with three postgraduate masters projects, six undergraduate projects, and many publications under our belt (not to mention conferences attended, out-reach projects we’ve been involved in, (and of course, a few socials) – Phew!!

During the year we’ve been delighted to welcome new PhD students, Nur Rina Adb Ghaffar and Tanakorn Chantasuban into the group, who have been able to bring with them fantastic knowledge in areas of biology and environmental engineering, respectively. They are now well and truly into the swing of things with their research, and will no doubt produce great things!


Nur Rina Adb Ghaffar

PhD Title:

Developing suitable yeasts for second generation biofuel production; bioprospecting and genetic manipulation.

Camera 360

Tanakorn Chantasuban

PhD Title:

Developing M.pulcherrima as a suitable yeast for a future biorefinery to produce inexpensive fuels and chemicals.

More recently, we welcomed the return of Joe Donnelly and Jon Wagner, who after conducting MRes. projects within the group have decided to pursue their PhDs with us. As always, we wish them the best of luck with their research and they will undoubtedly make a valuable addition to the group!

DTC Chemistry Students 2012

Joseph Donnelly

PhD Title:

(Bio)catalytic synthesis of a novel diesel fuel substitute from industrially produced fermentation broths.

Photo JOn

Jonathan Wagner

PhD Title:

Production of bulk chemical hydrocarbons from the upgrading of biomass used in wastewater treatment.

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