EPSRC Student Futures Event

Lisa has been selected to attend the EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Science Research Council) Student Futures event being held on 24-28th June 2012 at Nottingham Belfry.  As the best research efforts require both critical thinking and creativity, Student Futures is a residential course designed to enhance the participants’ ability for creative thinking, problem solving and idea generation. This year the theme of the event is ‘Sustainability at the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Interface’, which compliments Lisa’s research on biofuels perfectly.

The event is offered to EPSRC sponsored doctoral students, and applicants were encouraged to think laterally as to how to demonstrate their suitability and enthusiasm for the Student Futures concept.  Following Lisa’s attendance at a video masterclass, hosted in conjunction with Graphic Science and The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, Lisa tried her hand at video production for her application:

Applications were selected by an EPSRC panel on the basis of their perceived suitability for, and receptiveness towards, the creative ethos the event is championing. We look forward to seeing how the skills learnt from the event can be applied to Lisa’s research throughout the remainder of her PhD.


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